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PayTR Mağaza apk app v3.3.0 for android

3.3.0 for Android
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PayTR Mağaza screenshot image
PayTR Mağaza screenshot image
PayTR Mağaza screenshot image
PayTR Mağaza screenshot image
PayTR Mağaza screenshot image

The description of PayTR Mağaza

Now PayTR is in your pocket!
PayTR, with its knowledge and industry experience gained over 11 years, offers Virtual POS, Fraud Prevention (Fraud Protection), Link Payment, B2B Collection, One-Click Payment (Card Storage), Marketplace, Mobile POS (mPOS), Subscription to more than 40 thousand workplaces today. Provides method services. Thanks to PayTR, you do not have to buy Virtual POS separately from banks. After your online application, you can start receiving payments from all card families within 2 hours.
PayTR application offers fast, easy and secure payment solutions to e-commerce sites, individual users and marketplaces, and allows you to easily manage your payment processes from your pocket.
You can download the PayTR application to your mobile phone with a single click, and after creating your store number and e-mail address and the application password required for your security, you can start receiving your payments and managing all your payments-related processes.

What's new:
* Easy Login: You can access the Store Panel quickly and easily with PIN or biometric authentication.
* Multiple Accounts: You can easily switch between quick login and store for multiple stores.

With the PayTR application;
From your home page;
* You can see your actual payments along with the date, order number, transaction and payment amounts.
* You can see your total balance in TL and foreign currency.
* You can share your payment links instantly by providing quick access to the payment by link tab.
* You can follow your recent transactions, or you can list all your transactions with a single click. With the filtering feature, you can list your transactions within the date range you specify.
From the Transactions tab;
* You can list your transactions and see the transaction details. You can track all your successful or unsuccessful payments instantly.
* From the transaction detail section; You can have quick access to orders, customers, returns and tabs.
* From the Order tab; You can access order number, order amount, purchased product/service information, payment method, account number, blocking time information, and track the status of your orders (successful, unsuccessful, pending).
* You can view the phone, e-mail and address information of your customers from the Customer tab.
* With the Returns tab; You can perform your refund transactions by specifying the payment amount to be paid. After you approve your return transaction, the details of the transaction are recorded. You can access all time return processes at any time.
Payment by link;
* You can collect your invoices and receivables as well as sell your products/services via the link payment tab.
* You can send the product/service you created or the amount you will collect links to your customer or dealer via sms and e-mail message, and you can easily receive your payment.
* You can define the limit of the links you have created for the product/service, you can set the installment amount yourself and open and close your links for sale in installments.
* You can list your payment links and see the transaction status instantly.
* You can also make your international sales with the foreign currencies you specify, define your link and receive your payments.
* Another payment option through the application is mPOS (Mobile POS). With mPOS, you can receive your cash or recurring payments by using your phone as a POS device.
* The support section allows you to quickly forward any problems you may encounter regarding your payment transactions to our support team. From this section, you can send the details of your request to the message section and access your past support requests. more

PayTR Mağaza 3.3.0 Update

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Additional Information

Category:  Finance
Publisher:  PayTR Ödeme ve Elektronik Para Kuruluşu A.Ş.
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  17/11/2022
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