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Phone Race 3D!
Phone Race 3D!

Phone Race 3D! apk game v10 for android

10 for Android
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GAME details
Phone Race 3D! screenshot image
Phone Race 3D! screenshot image
Phone Race 3D! screenshot image
Phone Race 3D! screenshot image
Phone Race 3D! screenshot image

The description of Phone Race 3D!

Are you ready for a time trip? choose the right generation pass to upgrade your phone and increment the actual year of your phone and Feel the progression with Phone advancement from different ages.
It’s all about collecting different paints for your phone cover and making your phone case best looking to win the better bid offer at the end!

Positive and negative gates. If you want to upgrade your phone you have to pass through positive Gates and increment the actual year of your phone.

This obstacle course game allows you to collect different colors, stickers, pops, chains for your phone case. Swipe left and right. Navigate through challenging obstacles and collect as many gems as you can. See what happens when you pick out different colored spray cans. This is the Phone Race 3D! of the modern age and you have a chance to see every generation Phone in Mobile Run: Phone Race 3D!. Prepare to run in the ultimate art maker runner games of all time. Designed to give you the real adventure run, this phone accessories simulator will test your reflexes. Once you end the adventure run, you will be presented with multiple bids. Try to take the highest bid.

Is it true or not that you are a person who goes back and forth through time? Do you recall what your first telephone was? What is your telephone now? Did you see every one of the developments of cell phones?
By the way, do not forget to take plenty of phone cases and accessories on the way.

In this phone's runner Phone Race 3D!, the Phone runs on the runway and passes through the different positive and negative gates to change Phone Race 3D! over years. You can see the latest evolutions of mobile phones by reaching the highest year. more

Phone Race 3D! 10 Update

Bug Fixes more

Additional Information

Category:  Puzzle
Publisher:  Avaari Games
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  13/11/2022
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