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Platformer Bits - Adventure
Platformer Bits -

Platformer Bits - Adventure apk game v2.7 for android

2.7 for Android
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GAME details
Platformer Bits - Adventure screenshot image
Platformer Bits - Adventure screenshot image
Platformer Bits - Adventure screenshot image
Platformer Bits - Adventure screenshot image
Platformer Bits - Adventure screenshot image

The description of Platformer Bits - Adventure

Are you ready to play the hardest platforming game ever? Forget everything you learned about playing games, because Platformer Bits is brutally hard.

In this game you complete small platforming sections to reach the end of each level. These sections are hand made and tested, but are extremely difficult to complete.

The top features of Platformer Bits are:

-Over 120 custom made levels.
-Endless mode to play after the story is finished.
-Fun and hard challenges like never seen before.
-Collect coins and beat your high score, exchange your earned coins for extra levels and cosmetic items.
-3 Different worlds with special challenges of their own.

This platforming adventure game is waiting to be played by people like you!

Platformer Bits is a fantastic platforming game full of challenges and rewards.

If you are looking for platform games that come with the most challenging levels and obstacles, this platform adventure is the right one for you.
From the very beginning of the gaming era, adventure platformer games have been rocking it. And when it comes to these platformer games, nothing beats the excitement. We have brought you such a game where you will have to overcome the hardest obstacles to reach the top.

This platform adventure game is brutally hard but amazingly fun to play.

How to play this 2d platformer game:

The gameplay of this platformer app is easy. Install the game from the play store and get started by tapping the play button. When you start, you will see control buttons that help you go forward and backward and jump. Run and jump and collect gems while dodging all the obstacles and overcoming challenges.

If you are a big fan of run jump games or platform adventure games, this platformer bits is just made for you.

Some Key Features of this platformer adventure game:

-Fun and Challenging
If you are into adventure games that bring you joy as well as challenges to overcome, this 3D adventure platform game is here for you. At first, you might have to fall several times, but once you master the game, it will bring you only pleasure.

-Custom Made Levels
3d platformer games come with multiple levels, and each level is full of new challenges. You start small but gradually overcome hard and big obstacles. Over 120 custom made levels in this 3D platformer game take you through different worlds full of adventures and obstacles. You will have to overcome all hindrances to be the best platformer.

At each level of this game, you will have to collect coins. By collecting more coins, you have to beat your previous high score, and you can exchange them for extra levels and cosmetics.

-Story Mode
This game comes with three different worlds with unique challenges of their own. After finishing all 3 worlds, you will come to the special world, which is more amazing to play. Start playing, finish the story and be the winner.

Moreover, this game is entirely free. If you are searching for free platform games or free 2d adventure games, install this jump and run game and enjoy. If you want a offline platformer game, this game can be played offline.

Platformer Bits always comes with new and unique features that keep you interested. So, if you are looking for a fun platformer game, install Platformer Bits- Adventure Game and dive into the amazingly rich world to become the best platformer. more

Platformer Bits - Adventure 2.7 Update

Thanks for playing Platformer Bits. This update includes: 

-Improvement of the existing platforming levels. 
-Added some extra platforming challenges.
-Updated all SDK's.
-Performance improvements. more

Additional Information

Category:  Action
Publisher:  Jacobs Development
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  13/11/2022
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