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Rescue Games:DuDu Kids
Rescue Games:DuDu

Rescue Games:DuDu Kids apk game v1.4.05 for android

1.4.05 for Android
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Rescue Games:DuDu Kids screenshot image
Rescue Games:DuDu Kids screenshot image
Rescue Games:DuDu Kids screenshot image
Rescue Games:DuDu Kids screenshot image
Rescue Games:DuDu Kids screenshot image

The description of Rescue Games:DuDu Kids

DuDu Rescue Games simulates the real rescue scene, the rescue process is set up with many tests, the time is tight and the rescue mission is full of challenges! Let the children deeply feel the responsibility and mission of the rescuers, and cultivate the baby's sense of responsibility and love!

Children, quickly put on the handsome rescue equipment, and let's rescue the injured and trapped animals together!


Undersea Rescue
Who is calling for help under the sea? It seems that small animal is in trouble~ Children, quickly put on the underwater lifesaving equipment and arrive at the scene to rescue the trapped small animals! It turned out that the little dolphin was trapped in the fishing net, it was so uncomfortable! Quickly cut the net pocket with scissors to rescue the little dolphin~ Don't forget to bring the little dolphin back to the rescue base for a full body check!

Forest Rescue
The forest is on fire! The pig is unfortunately trapped inside, hurry up and go to the fire scene and rescue the cute baby pig! Children, remember to take the locator! It's easy to get lost in the forest! When you arrive at the scene, put down the rescue ladder and pull the injured pig onto the helicopter; the fire is already big, put down the water bag and put out the fire quickly!

Uptown Rescue
Drop drop! It was the alarm issued by the little rabbit, and the community it lived in was on fire! Children, put on the rescue equipment and rush to the scene! The bunny is trapped in the raging fire, time is running out, use the elevator to rescue the bunny first! In order to prevent the fire from spreading, children, hurry up and put out the fire with a fire gun! Let's work together to keep residents safe! more

Rescue Games:DuDu Kids 1.4.05 Update

[Real scene] Simulate the real rescue scene, bring children an immersive character experience, and create an immersive sense of reality;
[Easy operation] Gesture prompts, click and drag, reduce the difficulty of operation, and children can easily control it;
[Growing Puzzle] Exercise children's driving observation and reaction ability during the rescue process, and the rescue process can cultivate children's love and hands-on operation ability; more

Additional Information

Category:  Education
Publisher:  DuDu Kids
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  21/01/2023
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