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Scary Obunga Nextbot Backrooms
Scary Obunga Nextbot

Scary Obunga Nextbot Backrooms apk game v1.1.7 for android

1.1.7 for Android
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GAME details
Scary Obunga Nextbot Backrooms screenshot image
Scary Obunga Nextbot Backrooms screenshot image
Scary Obunga Nextbot Backrooms screenshot image
Scary Obunga Nextbot Backrooms screenshot image
Scary Obunga Nextbot Backrooms screenshot image

The description of Scary Obunga Nextbot Backrooms

Explore the mysteries of horror and terror inside the backrooms. Don't be scared. You can run as fast as you can but you can't hide your true fear from nextbots obunga.

Scary Obunga Nextbot Backrooms is horrifying and chasing you with other nextbots chasing in the high school. The obunga nextbot chase is always watching you from inside the backrooms. This place is like a haunted mansion where nextbots will keep chasing you in haunted house escape games. Play hide and seek in the backrooms game of a haunted house with obunga. In this mystery house explore every backrooms level of gmod nextbots in backrooms horror games and haunted games.

A series of creepypasta games will confront you with scary creatures like creepy obunga, nerd, Armstrong, Nico, and Selene. Your wish of passing exams without studying is becoming outlast true fear. No need to worry! simply sneak into a haunted school back room and steal the answer papers by hide and seek with Obunga Nextbots in Backrooms Game. Every second of this scary game will make your heart-thumping to death run. The creepy obunga and other nextbots chasing are fun with a side of scare and terror 🎃. Control your true fear while facing the scary obunga inside the backrooms game. The nextbots are always watching you.

Get addicted to Scary Obunga Nextbot Backrooms in our scary horror escape room the game! In creepy adventure escape games you’re greeted by a obunga nextbots. The first thing in these scary escape games and puzzle escape games you’re offered to do is to sign an agreement to participate in these haunted house escape games. Here the true fear and scare of scary horror mystery adventure games and psychological thriller games begin! It seems like you are in a trap by the scary obunga who made this psycho adventure escape rooms in a mystery haunted mansion. Now it’s time to think and escape the horror escape room, otherwise, you're dead. Well, will you open the doors of scary school horror escape games? Can you escape the room of haunted house escape games?

The scary story of obunga chase begins in the adventure inside the backrooms game:
Now the thrilling part starts from here in the horror games. Yeah! The nextbots chasing is looking for you everywhere in haunted school horror 🏚️. Now you have two options; either collect all the answer papers in the evil school or just escape from the scary school. Escape the room first in goosebumps horror.

Features Of Scary Obunga Nextbot Backrooms:
⦁ Easy and flexible controls in the horror backrooms game.
⦁ The perfect 3D scary environment of high school gmod nextbots.
⦁ Many mysterious backrooms multiplayer to unlock with hidden keys.
⦁ A horror game instant jump-scare.
⦁ In the present granny games, med-kits and keys will spawn at different locations.
⦁ This horror game is suitable for all types of players.
⦁ Easy to play hard to master inside the backrooms game.

Don't dare to play Creepy Obunga Nextbots Chasing while you are alone in your backrooms, otherwise, obunga will appear 👻. more

Scary Obunga Nextbot Backrooms 1.1.7 Update

- High School boys trying to steal answer papers
- Scary lady roams around the school whole night
- Use torch to increase visibility
- Use first-aid box to recover your health
- Sneak into the different classrooms more

Additional Information

Category:  Adventure
Publisher:  Mighty Boom Games
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  11/11/2022
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