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Sholawat Untuk Ibu Hamil
Sholawat Untuk Ibu

Sholawat Untuk Ibu Hamil apk app v1.3.1 for android

1.3.1 for Android
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Sholawat Untuk Ibu Hamil screenshot image
Sholawat Untuk Ibu Hamil screenshot image
Sholawat Untuk Ibu Hamil screenshot image
Sholawat Untuk Ibu Hamil screenshot image
Sholawat Untuk Ibu Hamil screenshot image
The description of Sholawat Untuk Ibu Hamil
A Collection of Prayers for Pregnant Women and Practices
Prayers for pregnant women, the following is an application that contains prayers and practices to make it easier and calmer when facing childbirth.
Besides Getting Rewards Reading the Qur'an is very good for helping the development of the fetus in the stomach. One of the practices that are often read by pregnant women is Surah Yusuf Verse 1 to Verse 16 has special features for pregnant women. Many pregnant women who read this letter hope that their child will the birth of handsome like the Prophet Yusuf Alaihisalam.

Features of the application Sholawat For Pregnant Women:
* Auto Next / Auto Play songs
* Can be played in the background / minimized
* Features Play, Pause, Mute, Next, Prev, etc.
* Play Shuffle (Play continuously)
* Fast and Light.
* Simple and Easy to Use.
* Clear and Quality MP3 Audio (HQ).
* Can be used as ringtones (ringtones).
* Can be set to Alarm.
* Share Songs to social media.

The advantages of the Sholawat application for pregnant women are very many of them with just one install you will get a collection of prayers for pregnant women and the practice of Surahs and their meanings. will always get the latest Prophet Sholawat updates.

Give a positive 5-star rating for this application and leave your positive comments. If you like the Sholawat application for pregnant women, share this prayer for pregnant women with your colleagues so that they can develop and we can always work to always provide the best for all of you. Thank you.

All the content of this application is not the property of the application developer, we as developers only collect it from the internet site and do not upload it ourselves. The copyright of all songs and lyrics in this application belongs to the creators, musicians, and music labels concerned. If you are the copyright holder of the song in this application and do not want your song to be displayed, please contact us via the developer/developer email that we have provided and tell us about your ownership status of the song. We will respect and delete the song or lyrics. If there is an unintentional error, we apologize profusely. more
Sholawat Untuk Ibu Hamil 1.3.1 Update
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Additional Information
Category:  Music & Audio
Publisher:  Riyut Studio
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  16/11/2022
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