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Shoot DX - The Space Battle -
Shoot DX - The Space Battle

Shoot DX - The Space Battle - apk game v1.3.3 for android

1.3.3 for Android
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Shoot DX - The Space Battle - screenshot image
Shoot DX - The Space Battle - screenshot image
Shoot DX - The Space Battle - screenshot image
Shoot DX - The Space Battle - screenshot image
Shoot DX - The Space Battle - screenshot image

The description of Shoot DX - The Space Battle -

Shoot DX - The Battle Between Space And Planets - simple and classic exciting shooting game appeared on Android! For free!

Can you fly out of the globe and reach the home of The Planet X? Take control of your ship and take on the battle between space and planets. You can also watch the video and get started with the full options. You can play classic shooting games completely free of charge, along with retro and exciting music. Starting from the Java app of the Japanese feature phone era, everyone has enjoyed playing since the feature phone era. We are proud to make Shoot! DX a world-class shooter with the worldwide distribution of Shoot! DX, a self-confident work created by

★ Story ★
The planet X large corps that started the Earth invasion. Can you protect the earth!?

★ Contents of the game ★
Operate a self-ship and destroy an enemy by a self-bullet while avoiding an enemy ship and an enemy bullet. Game over with the remaining ship 0.
End with all seven stages. Lilting background music and SE is liven up game. Difficulty Easy, in addition to Hard, when all cleared by Hard ...?
Simple and classic shooting game for free.
Easy download in the app size is low volume.

★ Title Menu, Game Mode ★
Mission ... end with all seven stage and you can select the stage.
Endless ... start at 1 stage and go round 7 stage. Forever mode for the high score challenge.
Option ... game settings, etc.
Help ... instructions help.

Operation my ship in the lower left the game pad.
Lower right decision & manually bullet firing button.
Lower right beside A/M button bullet fire, auto/manual switching.

★ Power-up items ★
Rarely appears after destroying an enemy.
When taken, the following effects are obtained.
[Red capsule] … The bullet becomes a penetrating laser
[Blue Capsule] … Increased number of remaining aircraft by 1.
[Green capsule] ... Optional machine installed
[Light blue capsule] … Increased movement speed
[Purple Capsule] ... Invincible for a certain period of time
[Yellow Capsule] … Increases the number of MAX bullets (disabled during automatic firing, valid only during manual firing)
〇 Appears only in hard mode and above ↓
[Yellow Blue Capsule] ... Added forward diffusion bullet
[Green Brown capsule]… Addition of backward diffusion bullets

★Shoot! DX enjoying★
- Lilting music! liven up the game.
- Simple so playing Shoot! DX make you forget involuntarily time.
- Power-up items I enjoy so unexpectedly come out well.
- Can change the speed in the game yourself at also the default or ultra-fast.
You can enjoy as you like at so slow or fast no wait .

Hello, message from Since version 1.1.0 of the 2019/7/11 update, a "Watch Rewards Ads and Start at Max Options" button has been installed at the bottom right of the title screen. When you tap this button and watch the video ad, you will finally hear an item sound and you can start from the item (option) Max state! I think that it will be easier to clear now even if you start from the middle. Please do your best with new functions and aim for all clears.

☆☆☆☆☆ Shoot! DX Award ☆☆☆☆☆
Spicysoft Announces Winners of "Open App Player" App Contest
Received the Honorable Mention in the Transplant Category.
Honorable Mention: "Shoot! DX" Katapu / BGM: Y.Hashimoto (Shooting) more

Shoot DX - The Space Battle - 1.3.3 Update

*** Ver1.3.3 ***
- Modified about Ads.

*** Ver1.3.2 ***
- Compatible with Google TV.

*** Ver1.3.1 ***
- Compatible with Android TV.

*** Ver1.3.0 ***
- Banner ads removed.
- Corrections around the screen.
- Correction around input.

*** Ver1.2.6 ***
- Modified about Ads.

*** Ver1.2.5 ***
- Modified about Ads.

*** Ver1.2.4 ***
- Modified about Ads.
- Fixed minor bugs.

*** Ver1.2.3 ***
- Fixed the problem that Android 12 cannot be operated.

*** Ver1.2.2 ***
- Modified about Ads. more

Additional Information

Category:  Action
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  28/02/2023
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