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ShortCut Fun Run Race 3D
ShortCut Fun Run Race

ShortCut Fun Run Race 3D apk game v1.3 for android

1.3 for Android
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ShortCut Fun Run Race 3D screenshot image
ShortCut Fun Run Race 3D screenshot image
ShortCut Fun Run Race 3D screenshot image
ShortCut Fun Run Race 3D screenshot image
ShortCut Fun Run Race 3D screenshot image

The description of ShortCut Fun Run Race 3D

About ShortCut Fun Run Race 3D
❖ Win the race by building the shortcuts to the finish line. Fastest won’t win the race but the smartest will. So what are you waiting for? Download the best free epic running 3D race game and become the run race champion.
❖ Race your way to the finish line in this exciting racing game. The goal of the player is to reach the finish line first by collecting planks and use them for building bridges across the water on both sides of the running track, which will allow you to take the shortcuts and shorten the race track. If you finish the race in first place, then only the next level will open up, otherwise you will have to try again.
❖ Thus, if you really want to win the race then you will have to take fewer shortcuts because if you take long shortcuts with insufficient floorboards and fall in the water, then you will have to start over.
❖ Also, carrying more floorboards can make you slower, so collect and use them smartly and wisely to win the 3D run race.
❖ Rush'Em All-Win the race to unlock new levels by finishing the race in first place.
❖ Running fast and smart will win the race! Play Fun Run Race 3D - Epic Shortcut Race game on your mobile phone free.
❖ Different from other 3D games, this is a Creative race and a Challenge game. Show off your racing skills to beat all your opponents but only racing skills may not be enough to get first place. Use your creative race skills and be the Run Race Champion with the planks, make the best shortcuts to get to the finish line first in this Smart Run Race
❖ Indulge in an Epic Shortcut Race, the only way to win is to be the best cheater. Cheat your way to victory to be the Run Race Champion

Why Fun Run Race 3D?
❖ Are you tired up from normal running race games?🏃
❖ Try Fun Run Race 3D to participate in the creative race, epic run race, smart run race and shortcut race where players can cheat to win.
❖ Collect and stack the floorboards into piles while running on the track and then use them to construct the bridge over the water from the main race track. Through this, players will run faster than other opponents and win the race by reaching the finish line first.
❖ Don’t be overconfident because if the pile of floorboards are not enough to connect the two points of the main race track, then you will fall and lose.
❖ If you like challenges and fun race 3D games, then install this Epic Running Game.

How To Play Fun Run Race 3D
❖ Race with opponents and make the race creative and fun by collecting as much as floorboards to build shortcuts across the main race track
❖ Swipe to turn your shortcut runner and collect the floorboards along the race track to build shortcuts to win the race.

Features and Benefits of Fun Run Race 3D
❖ Fun Run Race 3D has multiple levels in which races become challenging and difficult when you pass each level.
❖ Experience the best epic race 3D and challenge game with easy controls!
❖ Building shortcuts will make you run fast and reach the finish line first, but the more you will carry the stack boards the more it will slow you down. So, collect and use the floorboards wisely!
❖ You will fall in the water if you take shortcuts with insufficient flash-boards. Fun Run Race 3D will improve your judging and decision making skills.

★ Install Fun Run Race 3D - Epic Shortcut Race Game
❖ Best running sport game ever! As this epic race 3D game improves your judgment skills, decision making skills, creativity and makes you a smarter shortcut runner.
❖ If you want to win the race then collect enough floorboards to run on the water, but taking too many planks will slow you down.
❖ Challenge yourself by playing Fun Run Race 3D as COM opponents get smarter after each level! You will have to use your brain to crush your opponents in the ShortCut Run Race more

ShortCut Fun Run Race 3D 1.3 Update

Fixed bug can not play Shortcut Fun Run Race on Android 12 more

Additional Information

Category:  Strategy
Publisher:  Xuan Bui Developer
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  13/11/2022
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