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Skirmish Dungeon: RPG
Skirmish Dungeon:

Skirmish Dungeon: RPG apk game v1.0.4 for android

1.0.4 for Android
Updated on Tue Nov 29 03:46:13 CST 2022
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Additional Information

Package Name:
Size:   9.7MB
Publish Date:   Tue Nov 29 03:46:13 CST 2022

The description of Skirmish Dungeon: RPG

You awaken in a narrow hallway, dimly lit by flickering torches attached to the stone blocks that make up the walls. A rotten smell burns in your nostrils as your eyes adjust to the dimness. You are hungry, you are cold and completely devoid of memories. A rusty sword sheathed at the waist is your only companion. But there is no time for regrets. You notice tiny red eyes peering out of the darkness and a rush of adrenaline fills your blood. You take a deep breath, your heart speeds. The most challenging adventure is about to begin!

download icon Download (9.7MB)
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