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Spark Era : Echo to Universe
Spark Era : Echo to

Spark Era : Echo to Universe apk game vv3.5.0 for android

v3.5.0 for Android
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Spark Era : Echo to Universe screenshot image
Spark Era : Echo to Universe screenshot image
Spark Era : Echo to Universe screenshot image
Spark Era : Echo to Universe screenshot image
Spark Era : Echo to Universe screenshot image

The description of Spark Era : Echo to Universe

Spark Era is the world's first battle royale style interstellar game that uses an NLP model and reinforcement learning to create personalized battle companions. The player can learn about the history of Spark Era while conversing with their companion, and later, depending on the player's gameplay style and skill, the AI may give advice. On the battlefield, players can choose from an extensive collection of heroes, roles, and spaceships to engage in exciting, white-knuckle gameplay. The game is set in space and involves four factions fighting each other for control; Earth Confederation, Empire of Amda, Asman Zerg and The Titans.
These characters play different roles in the game, ranging from Common Soldier and Star Soldier to Scientist, Commander and Leader. All character cards, except for Leaders, fall into one of three material subcategories; Bronze, Silver or Gold, which affects their power score.
•The goal is to create human-level conversational AI agents who can give suggestions to players based on their style of action.
• Applying cutting-edge research innovation can help us to accelerate our development.
• Players' emotions will be read and analyzed by the game to generate different events or results of the player's actions.
• Generating characters' behavior to please or entertain our players, our theory is to train deep learning models on the player satisfactory in previous gaming data.
• We are applying deep learning improve NPC behaviors so they appear more natural and believable . more

Spark Era : Echo to Universe v3.5.0 Update

1.More weapons for ships
2.The new skills 
3.AI Assistant Robochoom is alive more

Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  Firework Games Entertainment limited
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  16/11/2022
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