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Survivor!.io(10x XP Boost)
Survivor!.io<span>(10x XP Boost)</span>

Survivor!.io Mod apk game v1.15.2(10x XP Boost) for android

1.15.2 for Android
Updated on Wed Jul 12 17:07:39 CST 2023
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Additional Information

Mod Features:   10x XP Boost
Package Name:   com.dxx.firenow
Size:   1014.9MB
Publish Date:   Wed Jul 12 17:07:39 CST 2023
More Informatio:   Goolge Links

The description of Survivor!.io(10x XP Boost)

Have you ever played a shooting game where you faced more than 1000 zombies? Today I recommend MOD APK, a zombie-themed Roguelike action and shooting game launched by Habby. Players play the role of a warrior with unlimited potential in the game, and together with other survivors, they take up arms and fight against zombies. Protect your homeland, liberate more areas, and restore peace and tranquility to the world.

Game highlights

As Habby's new game, has greatly shrunk in terms of gameplay and quality compared to Archero, which was about to be a big success but collapsed. This work is based on the doomsday survival as the background, and focuses on the theme of zombies. The characters adopt a small and cartoony super mini shape. The levels provide a combination of 6 attack skills and 6 auxiliary skills. The characters can also be equipped with weapons and upgraded. The rich and diverse external functions bring players a safe experience, but they are not comfortable.

Featured gameplay

The gameplay of adopts the action shooting type combined with Roguelike gameplay. The game is presented in the form of levels. Players can only open new maps by destroying all enemies in the level. Players acquire skills by collecting experience. The shooting of attack skills has some brain hole settings, the football bouncing off the screen, and the powerful drone will all be your help. The auxiliary skills are properly developed around acceleration, blood recovery, and damage enhancement, which can be regarded as quite satisfactory.

Screen Scene

The art of adopts the ultra-miniature cartoon style with two two-headed bodies. The simplicity of the characters is even comparable to that of a paper man. The ultra-small shape makes players feel sour after a little experience. In addition, when you find that the painting style of the protagonist is completely inconsistent with the monster, you can even doubt what kind of state you are in. Fortunately, compared to the ultra-high resolution and ultra-fine enemies in the level, the look and feel of the main interface is quite satisfactory and very comfortable, which can be regarded as making up for the author's eyes to a certain extent.

Game Reviews

Judging from the actual experience, the name of may be mistaken for a .io fighting game at first glance, but after entering the game, it turns out to be a shooting game with meat pigeon elements. Let's talk about the advantages of the game first. First of all, as a medium-to-heavy game, has designed a very rich game content, from basic levels, monsters, to skills, equipment, and various structures are very complete. Secondly, the design of the weapon is eye-catching. It was mentioned before that the football bounces on the screen as a weapon. In addition, there are baseball bats that can be equipped and upgraded as weapons in the game. Of course, there are also a variety of guns. Finally, the pixel-like cartoon shape is very attractive to players of all ages and genders.

After talking about the advantages, let me talk about this game that I uninstalled after less than 10 minutes of experience. The experience props are really too small! If you think small characters are cute, then you can make them more delicate, but please control the dosage. As a green light spot that exists as an experience in the game, it is so small that it almost occupies one pixel of the mobile phone screen. This setting will really bring players a poor gaming experience. Of course, it may be the reason why I have experienced games such as Magic Survival, Blob Hero, Gun & Dungeons​ before this. Secondly, there are also certain problems with the game values. The level of matching between the experience and blood volume of monsters and the experience required for leveling up is very uncomfortable.

Player Recommendation

If you are a fan of Roguelike games, if you have a soft spot for ultra-miniature characters, if you have experienced products such as Archero, then please don't miss this easily.

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