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Territory War

Territory War apk game v1.0.11 for android

1.0.11 for Android
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GAME details
Territory War screenshot image
Territory War screenshot image
Territory War screenshot image
Territory War screenshot image
Territory War screenshot image
The description of Territory War
"Territory Conflict" is a strategy game, players can freely command and operate the army to fight, capture the enemy's castle and win! There are a lot of heroic units waiting for you to unlock, such as arrow towers, balloon soldiers and other strange buildings! There are also map highlights such as tornado, lucky crystal, etc., use your strength to defeat others!

【Game Introduction】
Command your front-line team to fight, try different ways to pass the level; different heroes will have different special effects with different skills, and they can also help players to attack the city and seize the fortress in person; each hero will improve the player's combat effectiveness and help players Easier to pass levels. The game also contains a wealth of ways to pass the level. Winning in the game can bring rich game rewards and unlock more different types of props; and the development line will quickly improve your strength and deal with it with a more relaxed attitude. subsequent levels

【Game Features】
Cute cartoon style and excellent interface design bring players a comfortable visual experience
The Q version of the hero plus various soldiers gives players a different operating experience
A variety of level settings, allowing players to experience a flow storm

【Game Highlights】
Easy and casual game settings, easy to use but full of depth
Novel victory setting, in addition to defeating all, you can also occupy the ruling building
Massive characters, fast-paced battles can't affect your heroes' glow more
Territory War 1.0.11 Update
修改一些已知bug more
Additional Information
Category:  Strategy
Publisher:  Hataka Games
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  20/10/2022
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