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TOKOTON Vol.1 locomotive!
TOKOTON Vol.1 locomotive!

TOKOTON Vol.1 locomotive! apk game v1.3.2 for android

1.3.2 for Android
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GAME details
TOKOTON Vol.1 locomotive! screenshot image
TOKOTON Vol.1 locomotive! screenshot image
TOKOTON Vol.1 locomotive! screenshot image
TOKOTON Vol.1 locomotive! screenshot image
TOKOTON Vol.1 locomotive! screenshot image

The description of TOKOTON Vol.1 locomotive!

【FREE for a memorial of posting magazines! ($1.99->$0.00)】

≠≠≠≠ News! ≠≠≠≠

The AR version "TOKOTON AR" of the TOKOTON train has been released!
Together with this application, please try playing.
(iOS only)

≠≠≠≠ What kind of application? ≠≠≠≠

This app for children and babies is fully playable just by tapping with your finger.

Touch the screen and a train appears! Tap and hold to make the train bigger! Tap again and again for more trains! Release to send the train on its way!

In addition to the trains, try tapping the conductor and all kinds of items in the environment. They will move along with your touch and do all kinds of fun things—great for improving the hand-eye coordination of young children.

With beautiful colors like those from a picture book, exciting sound effects and a mystical touch, the TOKOTON Series will capture your child's heart and won't let go!

≠≠≠≠ How to Play ≠≠≠≠

After starting the app, start out by tapping the screen! Doing this will bring out a lot of different trains to run around the screen!

Next, try tapping and holding on the screen. The train will get bigger and bigger, and releasing your touch will send it off!

There are also many different secrets hidden in the environment. Tap the stars to see shooting stars or tap the seagulls to see fish... and there are other cute, hidden characters that only the cooperation of two people can bring out. See if you can find them!

≠≠≠≠ Features ≠≠≠≠

There are no settings buttons or ads on the screen, so the app will not stop running no matter where your child taps.

In addition, the app can handle large numbers of simultaneous touches, so your child can enjoy the app together with brothers and sisters, Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Grandma or friends.

≠≠≠≠ About the TOKOTON Series ≠≠≠≠

The TOKOTON Series is a series of apps for kids brought to you by maruco Inc.

- TOKOTON Vol.1 locomotive!

- TOKOTON Vol.2 cars!

TOKOTON Series of "Funny Fun" apps is planned with the theme of bringing a smile to your crying child's face!

≠≠≠≠ Target Ages ≠≠≠≠

Children from approximately one to five years old

≠≠≠≠ Questions and Comments ≠≠≠≠

Send us an email at

[email protected] more

TOKOTON Vol.1 locomotive! 1.3.2 Update

- Support 64-bit architectures more

Additional Information

Category:  Education
Publisher:  maruco Inc.
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  13/11/2022
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