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15.0.0 for Android
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The description of Vida Espiritual

Spiritual life is a free application that lets you browse through all the wisdom of the Word of God in a clear and simple language with just a few clicks

A must to experience a perfect communion with God tool.

Spiritual life illuminates the practical way to incorporate spirituality personal life and ministry. the power of prayer illustrated by the Scriptures as the basis for a truly successful life in communion with God's will is studied.

Bring life to take your life will be formed at its base by the same energy as the life of any other, or what for me is the same, the same spirit. What changes is the way to live Where you focus your attention, what habits install, you undertake actions, which nourish relationships, which produces impact. But ultimately, all life is "spiritual" regardless of how, in the sense that still comes from the same place.

Spiritual life is life in the Spirit, human existence led by the noblest part of oneself, which is the Holy Spirit given to believers.

Spiritual life is also synonymous with Christian life in the deep sense of "life in Christ" that is in communion with Christ and according to his word. The connotation of "spiritual life" is especially in St. Paul an explicit reference to the dialectic man carnal spiritual man (pneumatikós) (1 Cor 2,14; 3,3) and the belief that Christians as children of God "are led by the Spirit", "live by the Spirit" (Rom 8,14; Gal 5:25).

Spirituality is to be aware and act appropriately in all situations that life offers. Only authentic spirituality reborn virtue, not true virtue is cultivated by a society dominated by the ego mind. It must be very careful and know the true intention behind behind the desire to be spiritual and the spiritual tools to use, because it always is here the presence of the ego.

Humanity is called to live spiritually. This is a similar imperative to having animals which survive should act according to the species to which they belong and the medium in which they are. The human herd, like animals, lives to survive. But man must be aware and act properly to live, to realize their full human existence, to break away from the herd, because only then is inserted into the immense evolutionary movement of life.

Hundreds of resources and topics, Christian music, Sermons and Outlines for Preaching and Christian images to share.

Spiritual Life inside you find so interesting Bible topics such as:

> How to interpret the Bible:
> Study of the Bible where you find in the Old Testament and the New Testament.
> About the Bible: A lot of questions and answers that will accomplish expand our knowledge of our Lord and His Word.
> Theological Dictionary: Totally offline so that you can consult when you want all definitions of theology.
> Biblical Themes: divided into a number of items ranging from abortion to the new life, through such varied topics as alcohol, friendship, depression, divorce, homosexuality, lust, obedience, patience, loneliness or temptation.
> Bible Study Methods
> Gallery of sermons and more resources

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Spiritual life contains advertising to cover programming costs.
Spiritual Life now download and share with us your experience. more

Vida Espiritual 15.0.0 Update

Vida Espiritual
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Actualizaciones generales
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Additional Information

Publisher:  Biblias y Estudios Cristianos
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  25/11/2022
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