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3.4.1 for Android
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The description of Walkway Ideas

A place of fun and relaxation, the garden or yard allows you to use various types of accessories and decorative items. There are several types of vases, paths, fountains, waterfalls and a multitude of options available; define what pleases your style and decorate your space without significant difficulties.

Having this type of elements brings a differential to the garden, leaving it customized, according to the preferences and routine of the property and complement the environment. Merely putting a lawn and some plants up looks beautiful, but it seems that something is missing, and it is these elements that give the differential and personalization in your garden, leaving it unique.

Just for those who seek to make the garden more beautiful and with its face, there is a huge niche in the sector of decoration and garden accessories. Thus, ideas and trends are not lacking: sometimes we talk about using it more, sometimes using it — an element that does not "fall out of style" though is the favorite way. From landscaping projects older to more contemporary, they are present. What changes is the material, which has more to do with this or that architecture; but as a decorative and passing element - mainly to protect plants and lawns - they remain firm in their purpose.

The paths are made of the most diverse materials, and often even of elements of easy acquisition or even "leftovers" of work, properly treated and placed harmoniously. We thus see wooden paths, sleepers, stones, gravel, boulders and even some with grass different from that used in the rest of the garden. What matters when setting a path is not only choosing the material that most suits your style and the way of the garden, but also make a beautiful drawing that accompanies the landscaping and existing plants. Check our fantastic walkway ideas to decorate your garden. more
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Additional Information
Category:  House & Home
Publisher:  Smartongroup
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  24/11/2022
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