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Wandroid 1R OFMO
Wandroid 1R

Wandroid 1R OFMO apk game v4.1.5 for android

4.1.5 for Android
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GAME details
Wandroid 1R OFMO screenshot image
Wandroid 1R OFMO screenshot image
Wandroid 1R OFMO screenshot image

The description of Wandroid 1R OFMO

The first in the "Wandroid" series of hack and slash 3D dungeon RPGs
This is a remake version of "Wandroid # 1 --ORDEAL FROM THE MAD OVERLORD-".

◆ Retro and classic 3D dungeon RPG
Dungeon movement from a nostalgic old-fashioned first-person perspective,
It is a simple RPG such as command input type battle.

◆ Creating characters with a high degree of freedom
Create characters from 8 professions, 5 races, and 3 personalities from "Creating Characters" in the training ground.
You can freely set a face image for the created character from a photo of your smartphone.
The tavern also has a default character, so if you have trouble creating it, you can use that character as well.

◆ Simple scenario
The purpose is to form a party of 6 people and defeat the evil wizard in the depths of the underground labyrinth.

◆ A game to explore and discover by yourself
There is no so-called "tutorial" in this game.
The content of the game is a game in which you search, discover, and unravel the mystery.

◆ Hack and slash dungeon with a high degree of immersiveness
There are about 200 types of monsters and about 200 types of items.
You can check the monsters you defeated and the items you got in the list.

◆ With auto mapping.
Automapping can be seen using the "Map Scrolls" sold in stores or with the magic of the "Mapper" learned by wizards.

◆ Switching between automatic save and manual save
By default, game data is automatically saved.
However, you can use the so-called reset technique by switching from settings to manual save.

◆ Supports operation with a game pad
It supports operation with various gamepads with a Blutooth connection.
(Please note that some gamepad models may not be compatible.)

◆ Cancellation of advertisement by billing
It's a free app with banner ads, but you can hide ads by paying.

◆ Remake version
It is a remake version of the past Wandroid # 1.
The screen design and user interface are new,
It's easier to play.

◆ Notes on the remake version
The scenarios, dungeon maps, items, monsters, etc. are almost the same,
The basic system and user interface are based on the same as Wandroid8.
There is no data compatibility with the old work. Data cannot be taken over.
Also, please note that the remake version does not have the SD card save function and expeditionary force system that were in the old work. more

Wandroid 1R OFMO 4.1.5 Update

・広告サービスの課金額を変更しました。 more

Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  TaKa
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  21/11/2022
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