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Wild Animal Hunting Game 3D
Wild Animal Hunting Game

Wild Animal Hunting Game 3D apk game v1.0.9 for android

1.0.9 for Android
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Wild Animal Hunting Game 3D screenshot image
Wild Animal Hunting Game 3D screenshot image
Wild Animal Hunting Game 3D screenshot image
Wild Animal Hunting Game 3D screenshot image
Wild Animal Hunting Game 3D screenshot image

The description of Wild Animal Hunting Game 3D

********Wild Animal Hunting Game 3D Storyline:-**********

Have you ever visited safari hunting games? Here in Wild Animal Hunting Game 3D, you will experience of Hunting Jungle Animals and you have to survive in this Gun games gun shooting games from animals like, zebra, deer hunt, giraffe, elephant, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, cheetah and stag So, as a sniper gun shooter, Kill them before they kill you as you have no way of survival except to kill them. There is a modern sniper shooter gun house in the jungle. You have to find that gun house and get a sniper shooting gun from there to survive you as in island survival games. Its professional hunter jungle night & animals are your enemies and in fury to kill you.

The African jungle is here in this Wild Animal Hunting Game 3D in which deer and other wild animals are wandering, you have to find them and hunt them to make a perfect Jungle game jungle adventure. Powerful Sniper guns are available for you who have different sniper shooting ranges, you have to select any sniper gun according to your own choice and perform running deer hunting. It is a real adventurous, thrilling, shooting and risky game. You will hunt wild animals and deer by professional immature danger & putting your life into a big risk. You have to hunt animals wisely without ignoring any side & any deer or wild animal.
Use your commando jungle survival wilderness skills to stay alive, it’s your Eden battle against the wild animals So, Kill them, shoot them and try to escape as jungle survival squad.

Hunt wild animals in the best fps Wild Animal Hunting Game 3D for safety and food. Now it’s time to show your modern Sniper shoot skills of jungle animals hunting, and survival skills in this Jungle survival hero escape 3d Game. Here is an extreme jungle adventure waiting for you in this animal hunting game where you need to Show your Jungle survival Games skills to successfully escape the forest through Island. Kill the stags, Zebras, rabbit hunt, elephant, etc. And try your level best to find an intelligent way to escape from this survival wilderness island escape game. In this free shooting game it’s not easy to escape as in jungle night games there is a lot of danger waiting to come.

****Script of the Game****:-
You are in the African jungle and want to go home but are stuck in the jungle, now you have just 1 option to survive and that is killing jungle animals, so jungle adventure is here for you just shoot them and live your life. Your challenges in game Are: Time, shooting, Bullets of gun
In Each level you have different tasks to complete.
LEVEL 1: Hunt 2 stags (player is on riverside in a moving boat hunting animals).

LEVEL 2: Hunt 4 zebras. (Player is in a jungle in a moving jeep hunting animals, zebras are also moving).

LEVEL 3: Hunt 4 hippopotamus. (Player is on the riverside in a moving boat in a standing position while the hippo's faces are not so prominent from water so that the player can see easily).
LEVEL 4: Hunt 3 zebras and stags. They are in groups with other animals (Player is in a jungle in a moving jeep hunting animals, zebras and stags are also moving).

LEVEL 5: Hunt 2 Elephants (Player is flying balloon hunting animals, elephants are running).

LEVEL 6: Hunt 6 lions (Player is in jungle in a moving jeep hunting animals, Lions are also running).

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Wild Animal Hunting Game 3D 1.0.9 Update

Bug Fixes more

Additional Information

Category:  Action
Publisher:  Games Feat
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  14/11/2022
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