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Winky Code apk game v2.1.0 for android

2.1.0 for Android
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Winky Code screenshot image
Winky Code screenshot image
Winky Code screenshot image
Winky Code screenshot image
Winky Code screenshot image

The description of Winky Code

Important: "Winky Code" is made to learn programming using your Winky robot. For your first experience with the robot and playing with it easily, please download the "My Winky" application first.

Winky and his ‘Winky Code’ application allow players to develop their skills in programming and robotics. They learn to code by accepting a number of challenges and can then play without a tablet. The sensors and effectors allow Winky to interact with the player and his surrounding environment.

Thanks to the Adventures, players can learn programming at their own pace whilst discovering the world of Winky and his friends. Many games and puzzles await them!

The numerous challenges included offer player concrete applications and varied games. The originality and diversity of activities encourages them to constantly want to progress with Winky. Updates are regularly added to expand the offer, for more and more content.

The player can create an alarm clock, a movement detector, a stopwatch or a countdown timer, play the hot potato game or the egg race... He learns to observe, to evaluate distances and time but also to develop his reflexes in activities that stimulate his cognitive abilities.

Thanks to the two levels of programming and the educational tutorial, learning is easy and adapted to all ages.

Players learn robotics and programming terms thanks to the definitions in the Winkypedia. They can also discover Winky’s world through different modes. The robot and his best friend Oza live in a wonderful world with many endearing creatures. more

Winky Code 2.1.0 Update

- Adventures mode improvements, added tutorial
- Programs saved inside Winky can be erased
- Winky's name can be changed
- Several improvements of graphical elements
- It's now possible to connect and play with Winky while charging
- Low battery mode (<5%): Winky displays empty batteries in his eyes
- Impossible to put on standby when the robot is connected
- Improvement of some sensors datas

- Various bug fixes more

Additional Information

Category:  Education
Publisher:  Mainbot
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  14/11/2022
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