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Words Without Worries apk game v1.21.2 for android

1.21.2 for Android
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Words Without Worries screenshot image
Words Without Worries screenshot image
Words Without Worries screenshot image
Words Without Worries screenshot image
Words Without Worries screenshot image

The description of Words Without Worries

With Words Without Worries, children will embark on a quest to climb Olympus and meet the deities of spelling. Words Without Worries is an adventure in which 5 smart and relevant spelling games await young players!

Designed by Brigitte Stanké, a world-renowned speech therapist, Words Without Worries is an app to learn English spelling and lexical orthography for children aged 6 to 12.

Words Without Worries makes learning fun by offering a bank of 400 words covering 40 spellings on 2 levels of difficulty. The 5 games offered will lead children to learn 10 words at a time by opposing 2 ways of spelling the same sound (5 words per spelling).

Words Without Worries also offers you the possibility of creating your own word lists or acquiring new lists in order to continue learning. The games are based on the following teaching methods:

ERROR FREE - Teach spelling by reducing exposure to error as you learn.
BY SPELLING REGULARITIES - Children learn to differentiate lists of inconsistent words that share certain spelling patterns or to rely on spelling rules.
BY REPEATED EXPOSURE - Consolidate new learning to expose the child at least 6 times to the same well-spelled words.
BY LEARNING / TEST - Teach and assess in a close interval by repeating the sequence several times.

Do you want to reduce or even prevent learning difficulties in reading and writing? Download Words Without Worries!

+ promotes the development of the skills necessary to read and spell, including lexical spelling memory;

+ can also be a rehabilitation tool for children with reading and spelling difficulties.

Would you like to make learning to read and write be fun and engaging? Download Words Without Worries!

The free version allows you to try out all the games offered in this application. A subscription is required to unlock all contents. more

Words Without Worries 1.21.2 Update

Obsolescence of the Google Play Billing library version 3, requiring an update of the application. more

Additional Information

Category:  Education
Publisher:  Appligogiques Inc.
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  21/11/2022
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