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World of Girls(6V6)
World of Girls<span>(6V6)</span>

World of Girls apk game v1.1(6V6) for android

1.1 for Android
Updated on Wed Mar 20 17:31:54 CST 2024
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Additional Information

Package Name:   com.youngfun.girls.collegeb
Size:   1.0GB
Publish Date:   Wed Mar 20 17:31:54 CST 2024

The description of World of Girls(6V6)

Project background story: [Girls Continent] is an area made up of 7 huge continents. The girls on the continent live a quiet and leisurely life. However, one day suddenly, a huge alien crack appeared above the Winter Mountains at the other end of [Girls Continent]. A large number of monsters emerged from the cracks and approached towards Girls Continent. They caused wanton destruction and countless innocent girls were attacked. [Girls Continent] is facing a life and death catastrophe, who will become the savior of this continent? Come to this beautiful fantasy world to save the girls~

Two points of gameplay: exquisite character collection + in-depth strategic gameplay + casual idle placement
Interesting gameplay: adventure, material copy, Tower of Babel, advent of the evil god, Battle of Chibi, invasion of foreign enemies, Night Walk of Hundred Ghosts, Sunset Forest, God Emperor Tower.
Resident activities: daily benefits, monthly sign-ins, growth plans, monthly cards, gift packs, first deposit gift packs, various recharge activities, and big gifts at server opening
Limited-time activities: seven-day login, server opening carnival, cornucopia, limited-time gift pack
Mission gameplay: daily missions, weekly missions, achievement missions
Social gameplay: alliance, siege, chat, friends, escort
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