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Zombie Zapper The Brain Drain
Zombie Zapper  The Brain

Zombie Zapper The Brain Drain apk game v1.48 for android

1.48 for Android
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GAME details
Zombie Zapper  The Brain Drain screenshot image
Zombie Zapper  The Brain Drain screenshot image
Zombie Zapper  The Brain Drain screenshot image
Zombie Zapper  The Brain Drain screenshot image
Zombie Zapper  The Brain Drain screenshot image

The description of Zombie Zapper The Brain Drain

The perfect game for hunting and destroying zombies on a dark fright night, finding your way through the cavernous tombs avoiding dripping acid and hot flaming lava. collect the brains of the converted, making sure mankind can and will survive for future generations see how many zombies you can zap.

Make sure you have enough ammo loaded for zapping those nasties before they can get you, a quick tip is to keep moving, shoot and run or just hide until they pass you by

Fantastically fast gameplay
Smooth detailed graphics
Game center leader board
Available for iPhone and Android
New levels added regularly
Simple user controls
Family sharing

They sit and wait and when they come they just keep coming, shoot and run as fast as you can, this is the only way to beat them, make your way to the zombie cage where nothing gets in the way, it is you against them.

Storyline by Stephanie Roarty

Ever wanted to be a hero?
Ever wanted to be the mystery behind the mask?
Ever wanted to save mankind?

Well guess what: Now is your chance. The Circle Of Pumpkin Heads have recruited you to be the savior of mankind and wipe out the zombies that hold the world with a rotting fist. Blessed with the powers of fire at your fingertips, you have the agility, skill, stamina, and courage to save thousands of innocent souls.

It won't be easy. The zombies have been harnessing the power of Halloween to become even stronger, faster, and deadlier. After all, how can you kill what is already dead?

Don't let fear hold you back.
Don't let the Zombies take humanity.
Don't miss out on your own share of candy.
It's time to fight and save the world.

You have everything it takes to be the hero.
So now is the time to do it.

You can become the number one zombie hunter by
building a huge score and comparing your score with your friends and family on the Zombie Zapper leader board.

There are scores of levels to get through, to test your skill and expertise, and yes it gets harder the further in you go.

Enjoy, please review and share, and remember to keep the app alive, so you can be one of the first to enjoy the new levels, new zombies & the latest challenges as soon as they are released. more

Zombie Zapper The Brain Drain 1.48 Update

Updated Game play
Character Change
Optimization for latest devices more

Additional Information

Category:  Action
Publisher:  Advanced Web Concepts Limited
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  15/11/2022
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