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恐龙岛大猎杀(No Ads)
恐龙岛大猎杀<span>(No Ads)</span>

恐龙岛大猎杀 Mod apk game v1.0(No Ads) for android

1.0 for Android
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恐龙岛大猎杀<span>(No Ads)</span> screenshot image
恐龙岛大猎杀<span>(No Ads)</span> screenshot image
恐龙岛大猎杀<span>(No Ads)</span> screenshot image
恐龙岛大猎杀<span>(No Ads)</span> screenshot image

The description of 恐龙岛大猎杀(No Ads)

Dinosaur Island Hunting(恐龙岛大猎杀) No Ads​ is a free adventure escape game. I believe everyone has heard of Ark. The overall game style is very similar to Ark. You can fight endlessly in the game, or fight dinosaurs in the game. Breeding, etc., the game's playability and game degree are very high.

Features of Dinosaur Island Hunt

1. In this dinosaur world where the weak eat the strong, you have to protect yourself from being eaten by other large dinosaurs.

2. You have to slowly find dinosaurs that you can hunt and kill, and eat them to upgrade your own dinosaurs.

3. In the game, players can fight freely, even leapfrog challenges are also possible, as long as you can survive in the end.

4. The more dinosaurs you hunt and kill in the game, the stronger your body size will be, and then you can explore more advanced location fields.

Dinosaur Island Hunt Highlights

1. There are many dinosaurs in the game, allowing you to reserve dinosaur knowledge while playing the game.

2. The game can support friends to go online and explore the game adventure together. It is very interesting and does not get stuck.

3. The map scene in the game is very, very large and there are many areas for players to explore freely.

4. In the game, there are also grass dragons with a more docile personality and pterosaurs flying in the sky. In addition, there are many ancient beasts.

Dinosaur Island Hunt Reviews

The first-person mode used in the game, many dinosaurs seem to have returned to the era of dinosaurs in an instant. In addition to dinosaurs, there are many ancient giant beasts, etc. There are many scenes in the game to explore. more

Additional Information

Category:  Simulation
Publisher:  灿龙工作室
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  13/01/2023
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