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極速快感:集結 apk game v1.1.168.1920928(TW) for android for Android
Updated on Sat Jul 06 17:21:20 CST 2024
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Package Name:
Size:   2.8GB
Publish Date:   Sat Jul 06 17:21:20 CST 2024
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The description of 極速快感:集結(TW)

[Advance reservations are in progress]

There’s no end to it, there’s no end to it!
EA's unbeatable classic "Fast" 2024's latest masterpiece, a new concept open world racing mobile game
Cooperated with 30+ well-known car manufacturers around the world, authorized more than 150 luxury cars
A super-large map of 100 million square meters with many exploration points, 40-player asymmetrical competition hot pursuit of classic speed racing gameplay, creating an easy-to-start, high-depth competitive experience

At sunset in Hot Bay World, Ajie and Vera stood at the highest point of Hot Bay, looking at this endless racing paradise.

"Ajie, have you seen it?" Vera pointed into the distance, "There are areas with different styles in this world, as well as many secret realms waiting for us to explore."
"Awesome!" Ajie's eyes flashed with excitement, "I've long been tired of the same track. That's why I left my original place and came to a new city."
"This is a city that emphasizes free racing, where 'speed' is king." Vera raised her chin slightly and said with a hint of arrogance.
"Come on! I'll take you to meet the legends of Hot Bay. If you can defeat them, you can become the king of the neighborhood."

"I must let everyone know that I am the fastest racing driver!" Ajie shouted, confidently preparing for the peak showdown.
Ajie and Vera looked at each other and smiled, "The engine is hot, let's go now!" they shouted at the same time, rushing down the hillside and entering the racing world of Rewan.

The radio in the car plays enthusiastic music, as if it is also warmly welcoming every new member.


Speed ​​​​in the rainy city
Authorized by more than 30 car manufacturers around the world, more than 150 dream cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren are available for free! Of course, we have not forgotten JDM enthusiasts, Nissan, Toyota, and Subaru classic cars can easily be included in the garage! At the same time, once the car is obtained, it is "graduated". It will not be upgraded to a higher level or star, and it will not allow in-depth development of the car's numerical value.

Self-complaint of overwhelming pleasure
Through a variety of rich driving skills, create a deep but easy to use racing experience. Racers can experience rich physical experiences such as weather changes, day and night alternation, and environmental destruction on more than 30 tracks of different styles. Have a racing drift anytime, anywhere in Hot Bay!

hot pursuit thrill road
Hot pursuit, classic reinvention. Here, you can become a racing driver, gain popularity at high speeds in unlimited races, and become a "hot public enemy"; you can also play the role of a policeman, drive a helicopter to search the city, chase drivers and impound vehicles, and become a street sanctioner

Gathering hot bay without restraint
Welcome to the 100 million square meter world of Hot Bay, where 12 areas with different styles, 20 landmarks and 500 gameplay points are waiting for you to explore. The high-degree-of-freedom map is equipped with rich single-player and multi-player gameplay. You can go wherever you want and wherever you look!


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