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Soccer Super Star(Unlimited Rewind)
Soccer Super Star<span>(Unlimited Rewind)</span>

Soccer Super Star Mod apk game v0.2.31(Unlimited Rewind) for android

0.2.31 for Android
Updated on Tue Dec 19 14:39:51 CST 2023
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Additional Information

Mod Features:   Unlimited Rewind
Package Name:
Size:   121.2MB
Publish Date:   Tue Dec 19 14:39:51 CST 2023
More Informatio:   Goolge Links

The description of Soccer Super Star(Unlimited Rewind)

Soccer Super Star is a football-themed sports game with an excellent gaming experience. Let's watch a game video first.

What the hell is Soccer Super Star?

The art quality, character modeling, scene setting, etc. that can be seen from the video are already close to the big IP football games produced by some big manufacturers, but the gameplay and operation have been greatly simplified. It gives players a high-quality experience from the visual aspect, and reduces the difficulty and threshold of getting started from the gameplay aspect, giving players more positive feedback. And the vertical version of the operation is more suitable for casual players.

Specifically, Soccer Super Star adopts a level system, and the main gameplay of the game is to plan the path of passing and shooting. Depending on the level process, players can experience the entire process from kick-off, passing to shooting. In the level, the player needs to plan the direction and strength of the pass according to the player's orientation and the position of teammates in the field of vision. If the direction is wrong, the ball will be taken by the opponent, and if the strength is wrong, it will also affect the success rate of passing or shooting. For example, if the force is too high, it will fly out of the door frame, but if the force is too small, it will be easily blocked.

At the same time, the tolerance for players in the early stage of the game is very high. For example, if the opponent player gets the ball during a pass, the AI teammate will grab it back instantly; if the shot misses, you can go back in time for free and try again, etc. Designs like these make the positive feedback of the game very strong, and players will basically not feel frustrated in the early stage. However, as the level advances, the feeling of increasing difficulty in the later stage is very obvious.

In addition, besides the core gameplay, Soccer Super Star also has some peripheral gameplay, such as players, teams and simple plot design. For example, the first few levels of the game are in the mode of training levels to inform the players how to play the game. After passing the game, players can choose their own players and name them freely. After that, they can also create their own teams and start fierce matches with other teams. Then the player can also be promoted from the local team to the national team and play against foreign teams.

What is the Soccer Super Star mod apk?

Soccer Super Star mod apk You can reverse the number of wrong shots as needed during the game, have unlimited stamina, and you can also get unlimited gold coins to buy various star players in the game to build your own fantasy lineup.

Developer introduction:more than 10 years of experience accumulation, a football-loving game team

According to the inquiry, the game's distribution account, Real Free Soccer, is GameGou, a company established in 2014. However, according to its official website information and the product records of the developer account, the actual establishment of this team should be earlier.

GameGou is a company keen on developing football games, and has continuously released football-themed products since 2010. Although the team has also dabbled in other categories, such as music, puzzle solving, etc., football themes account for the vast majority. Here are a few other products from the team.

Perfect Kick 2 is a product with penalty kick as the core gameplay, supplemented by personal development elements. In the game, players and opponents shoot and guard each other, and can gain greater advantages through personal equipment skills.

Top FootballManager 2023 is a business simulation product. The main gameplay of the game is to manage a team, maintain it in terms of personnel selection, training arrangement, game arrangement, etc., to help the team become the strongest team.

Winning Soccer still failed to enter the game after trying various methods, but judging from the store page of the game, the game is also a penalty kick game, with a numerical system for character development, and elements such as team formation.

Perfect Kick is also a product of the penalty kick game, with cosmetic elements and a point system.

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