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College Brawl(18+)
College Brawl<span>(18+)</span>

College Brawl Mod apk game v1.3.2(18+) for android

1.3.2 for Android
Updated on Wed Oct 26 14:49:19 CST 2022
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Additional Information

Mod Features:   18+
Package Name:   com.IngeniusStudios.CollegeBrawlAndroid
Size:   46.8MB
Publish Date:   Wed Oct 26 14:49:19 CST 2022

The description of College Brawl(18+)

College Brawl 18+ is a fun and exciting arcade game, please make sure you are a player aged 18 or above. In the game, players can, well, engage in a fierce duel. There are many strange people here. Players need to dodge and attack, attack the enemy while protecting themselves, and win. The game combines many characters of the evil nun. In different scenarios, they will control the survivors and hide in different places. Don't let the placed nun find out, try to survive. Friends who are interested, come and download it and try it!

Playing As A Girl Character College Brawl!!! SUSS😅😱😱😱

College Brawl 18+ Gameplay

1. This scene may be a little scary. First, we must overcome this in order to foster progress.

2. Monsters are constantly attacking you, and the choice of escape route is also very important. Don't go into a dead end.

3. Players need to operate, control the character to attack the opponent, and win the applause instantly.

College Brawl 18+ Game Highlights

1. You can compete with your competitors here. The scenes in the game are very realistic.

2. The props in the room will help you a lot. Find the keys to all the rooms according to the clues in your hand.

3. The screen design is super scary. In the extremely scary secret room, you will encounter various problems here.

College Brawl 18+ game features

1. There are still many tasks in the level. You need to give full play to your brain power and pass the level quickly.

2. The release of skills is critical. Make good use of rhythm ability to catch ghosts with needles.

3. When you are unarmed, you can attack your opponent with your fist or other people at any time, because they must be enemies.

College Brawl 18+ Game Advantages

1. Discover the best hideouts and secrets in each room. Every game is unique.

2. There are many different ways to play, and various level challenges will bring you a lot of fun.

3. Master the skills, quickly display your strength, complete more tasks and challenges, and easily pass the level.

Is College Brawl 18+ fun?

1. A cartoon-style adventure puzzle game, full of fun. You can open online games and escape from different scenes with your friends.

2. Rich and diverse skins. We can choose to make our characters more personal.

3. You can play different roles in the confrontation game to fight against other players.

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