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Fish King - fun fishing game
Fish King - fun fishing

Fish King - fun fishing game apk game v1.5.7 for android

1.5.7 for Android
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GAME details
Fish King - fun fishing game screenshot image
Fish King - fun fishing game screenshot image
Fish King - fun fishing game screenshot image
Fish King - fun fishing game screenshot image
Fish King - fun fishing game screenshot image
The description of Fish King - fun fishing game
《Fish King》 is a classic arcade fishing game. The game has a variety of rich and diverse gameplays such as classic fishing, competition competition, free game, gold coin game, diamond game, etc. The game art uses realistic performance, and various fish All classes achieve the effect of outstanding characteristics and truly restore the gorgeous underwater world.

Exquisite visual experience, creating an entertainment feast, happy voice, full of fun.
A lot of free gold coins are waiting for you to collect, let you play every day!
No bullets can bounce back, a variety of bullets for you to choose!
The picture is more beautiful, the operation is simple and quick to use!
A variety of cool props, detonating the national fishing boom!
The game does not freeze or flash back, stable and smooth is so capricious!
Super hi super exciting, let's enjoy the real underwater world together!

1. Easy-to-follow game operation, exciting game experience, let you relive the classics.
2. There is also a super high fishing rate here, and all kinds of special fish can be summoned through free props.
3. Real-time full server rankings, invites to participate in challenges at any time, tense rhythm, pure fishing gameplay, let more players love this platform!
4. You can receive reward tasks every day, and you can easily receive the reward after completing it, which is very interesting;

【contact us】
Please go to Facebook to search and follow the official channel of "Fish King", you can know the information in advance, you can also ask questions, extract opinions, and a large number of welfare activities will be launched from time to time~
🔗FB Official Fan Page:
🔗Official feedback email: [email protected] more
Fish King - fun fishing game 1.5.7 Update
Bug Fixes more
Additional Information
Category:  Arcade
Publisher:  KingdiaGame
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  20/10/2022
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