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Master Defender Kongzilla
Master Defender

Master Defender Kongzilla apk game v1.0.2 for android

1.0.2 for Android
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GAME details
Master Defender Kongzilla screenshot image
Master Defender Kongzilla screenshot image
Master Defender Kongzilla screenshot image
Master Defender Kongzilla screenshot image
Master Defender Kongzilla screenshot image

The description of Master Defender Kongzilla

You are the Defender of the Little Girl who is attacked by a cruel Hunter and Pac-kmen. We found a defender arcade game may not be for everyone, you need to be daring, fond of adventure!
Be brave and become the Master Of Defense! Don't allow yourself to end up in the cage! 

🦍Turn into a giant gorilla s, be brave!

Not only will you save a helpless girl's life, but you will also destroy evil forces. Enjoy the shooting, throwing trash at the enemy in this retro arcade games for free.

🦍Gorilla Kongzilla - Fluffy Friends

Fear not the giant Gorilla s, this time it is the fluffy friend of the frightened little girl whose life is jeopardy. In this defender arcade game, the gorilla and the girl manage to climb the roof of an old building, but evil hunters and their helpers are chasing them. Your defense must be strong, or the gorilla will end up in prison, and the girl will be kidnapped. Oppose them, be a real master, shoot them, and chase them away!

Show your power and defender skills.

🦍Why you will Fall in Love with this Retro Arcade Game Platform

A Forceful and Giant Gorilla s fared by many will show it’s a soft side, as a defender and protector.
From a level to the next one the hunters x hunters are becoming more and more numerous, so you need to be smarter and quicker. In this fast-moving arcade game, you may risk your life, but nothing compares to the feeling of saving someone's life.

🦍Shopping is not only for girls

After each level you master, you will get some money, so the little girl can take gorilla shopping.

Pop in the shop and dress the Gorilla Kongzilla up the way you want. Besides platy skins, they are numbers caps, clothe, and ninja straps to choose from.
For you who love retro arcade game platform, this is the right stuff, because it will remind you of Super Mario games! Don’t be surprised if you come across his cap and clothes in the shop!

🦍It’s so simple to play

Just slide your finger and the Gorilla will move the way you want. Grab some trash and shoot the hunters!
Even if they start approaching you, you will have enough time before they catch you, but don’t allow them to get to the roof.
It’s too late.
Don’t forget, you are the master of defense and it’s impossible to catch you!

Remember your goal is to save the girl and as real defense master you will do whatever it takes to achieve this, even throw trash onto your enemies, shooting all the time.

This retro arcade game will engage your strategy skills, your brain, and your speed.

🦍How to Play this: Master Defender Kongzilla- Throw Arcade Retro Game

-Be Brave!
-Download this game and enjoy with sweat Gorillaz
-Choose your skin, cap, and clots
-Prepare your concentration and fingers
-Try easy sliding control and enjoy in sliding
-Shoot enemies before they catch you
-Save the giant Gorilla s and girl
-Score and earn coins after finish level
-Find your defense strategy
-Become a master defender

-Retro graphic for old school classic game lovers
-Great Music
- Immersive sound effects to bring you into the world
-Easy to use Slide control
-Rankings and game statistics
-Free to play
– Play classic games safe
- Available customization to personalize your Kongzilla
-Easy way to win

You will enjoy every single second, showing how to dominate you are over the evil hunters.

And this giant gorilla s, soft harder gorilla, can be all of that if you control it!
You will be a master of defense!
Get in enjoy yourself!

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Master Defender Kongzilla 1.0.2 Update

Small bug fixes. more

Additional Information

Category:  Arcade
Publisher:  Exeplay Games
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  12/11/2022
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