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Mob Control(No Ad)
Mob Control<span>(No Ad)</span>

Mob Control Mod apk game v2.14-831c1fd(No Ad) for android

2.14-831c1fd for Android
Updated on Mon Nov 15 18:50:38 CST 2021
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Additional Information

Mod Features:   No Ad
Package Name:   com.vincentb.MobControl1
Size:   57.5MB
Publish Date:   Mon Nov 15 18:50:38 CST 2021

The description of Mob Control(No Ad)

Mob Control is an action shooting casual mobile game launched by the famous game operator VOODOO. In the game, the player controls the cannon that fires the stickman, and with the help of various multiplication thresholds, resists the enemy's aggression and wins the level. Intense and exciting shooting experience, interesting interactive forms of puzzles, bring players a new game pleasure.

About Mob Control MOD APK

If you download the official version of Mob Control, you will force an advertisement to pop up during the game and interrupt all operations of the game. Even if you can get rewards after watching the advertisement, it has seriously affected your gaming experience. Mob Control MOD APK No Ads removes all ads for you, you will not be disturbed by ads during the game, you can quickly skip ads and get rewards, you will enjoy it.

Game highlights

Mob Control adopts a mode similar to the simplified version of real-time combat gameplay, allowing players to control the blue stickman to fight against the computer. It is quite ingenious that the threshold for multiplication has been creatively added, making the process of generating troops more full of surprises. With a variety of different maze terrains, endless levels are derived, bringing players an exciting but educational game experience.

Featured gameplay

The gameplay of Mob Control is more interesting, that is to prevent the enemy from reaching the bottom line next to the artillery. With the help of the limited firepower of the artillery, players need to expand their own combat power with the help of the multiplied threshold, so that the number of stickmen can be doubled to reach enough The point of matching or even overwhelming the enemy. Depending on the position of the doubling threshold in different levels, players need to keep moving the cannon to the designated position to fire to achieve the cost increase of the stickman role.

Screen scene

The screen of Mob Control adopts the standard God’s perspective, and the player directly overlooks the whole scene from the top of the level. The brightly colored stick figures, realistic scene modeling, and rich and varied maze design provide players with an educational and interesting game experience. When each stickman crossed the threshold and turned into a large number of the same kind to fight, the shocking scene was really moving.

Game evaluation

From the actual experience point of view, the biggest feature of Mob Control is the perfect combination of action shooting and casual puzzle gameplay. Players must take into account both the accuracy of shooting and the puzzle calculation of character increments in the level. After all, the characters generated by artillery alone cannot withstand the enemy's thousands of troops, and just maximizing the character increment cannot take into account every route in the level. Perhaps it is also considering the player's experience in the game. The relatively simple difficulty allows players to enjoy a more casual and interesting experience in the game.

Player recommendation

If you like action shooting gameplay, if you are a diehard player of puzzle mobile games, if you have a soft spot for this kind of game that combines action and puzzle gameplay, then please don't miss Mob Control easily.

Game popularity

Currently, Mob Control ranks 4th among free games in the Google Play Store, with cumulative downloads of more than 10M+. The content is rated as suitable for everyone and contains mild fantasy violence. It has 95.1K comments and a score of 4.2.

download icon Download (57.5MB)
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