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Motion Pillow apk app v1.01.00 for android

1.01.00 for Android
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Motion Pillow screenshot image
Motion Pillow screenshot image
Motion Pillow screenshot image
Motion Pillow screenshot image
Motion Pillow screenshot image
The description of Motion Pillow

AI Solution Motion Pillow. Inconvenience Zero! Electromagnetic Wave Zero!

Motion Pillow works while you sleep, without you even realizing it, to relieve your snoring.

The Motion Pillow via the Motion System, equipped with AI technology, learns the user's snoring sounds, and responds only to the learned snoring sounds, which then quietly inflates the pillow.
And when the pillow is inflated, the user's airway is opened and snoring is alleviated.

The user's sleep data stored in the Motion System is
visualized through the app, which shows all the sleep information.
It is also possible to adjust detailed settings, such as the pillow height and more, to optimize for each individual.

1. Last night's sleep data
- Sleep time, snoring time, airbag operation time
- Daily Good Sleep Score monitoring and change in trend guidance

2. Sleep data weekly/monthly/yearly statistics
- Daily sleep health check with statistics for the last 7 days
- Identify long-term sleep health trends with statistics for the last 30 days/year

3. Comparison of effects before/after using Motion Pillow
- The operation On/Off function compares the sleep health state before and after using the airbag operation of Motion Pillow

4. Customization settings such as airbag inflation height
- Ability to adjust the optimal inflating height that does not disturb the user's sleep
- Automatic switching function that automatically switches to sleep mode at a set time

5. Record and playback snoring sound
- Record only the sound of snoring during sleep
- Check the actual sound of my snoring after waking up

■ Why many people trust and choose Motion Pillow
- Effective in alleviating snoring
- Reliable quality with CertiPUR-US eco-friendly certification mark
- Innovation recognized by CES 2022 / 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree, 2021 iF Design Award, and 2022 / 2020 German Innovation Award

Better Sleep, Better Life. Motion Pillow more
Motion Pillow 1.01.00 Update
*Update History(v1.01.00)
1. Chart Renewal
2. Bug fix more
Additional Information
Category:  Health & Fitness
Publisher:  10minds
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  22/11/2022
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